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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Fail to Succeed in Competition Exam

Competition is important for success, but sometimes it leads to unhealthy rivalry. Students who take part in competitive exams, like IIT JEE or AIMPT/NEET, often feel a lot of pressure. In India, these exams play a big role in deciding a student’s future. Nowadays, students start preparing for these exams early, but sometimes they forget to take care of themselves because they’re so focused on getting a good rank. It’s common to face challenges like understanding the syllabus or managing time while preparing for these exams. But it’s important not to let these mistakes overwhelm you.

Absence of discipline:

Success is linked to how disciplined and determined you are. Having a regular study plan is really important for doing well. There’s no secret trick; it’s just about sticking to a schedule and getting advice on what subjects to focus on first.

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Too Many Distractions

Another major reason why students fail to crack competitive exams is the presence of too many distractions. Rather than concentrating on the goals, students are often inspired by success stories. They spend more time reading through an article about others’ success and don’t spend time on their preparations. Moreover, social media and other devices also break the concentration. It is advisable to keep the phone and other such items at bay and not touch them while studying.

Peer Pressure

Well, this is the most common problem that students face in India. Pressure from the family to pursue a particular course, much against their own wish, often leads to failure. Indeed, it is rightly said one should always pursue what they love the most. Parents flock their kids to the best coaching classes, unaware what is their core area of interest.


You might have gone through a chapter that seemed quite difficult to understand. Instead of completing the chapter, you decide to keep it for last when you have ample time to devote to the subject. Well, this a complete No-No. Never procrastinate. What requires your immediate attention needs to be done now. Waiting till you get time will only hamper the process; practice and keep an eye for details but solve the problem as soon as possible.

Lack of Guidance

Often we find ourselves lost in the translation. What course to pursue? How to plan study? Which colleges to apply for? All these questions leave minimal scope for us to concentrate. The best way to deal and cope with this is to undertake some experienced guidance or mentorship. A Guru Guidance can help sort everything out, and these are the highly experienced people who have gone through the same stage and emerged successfully.

It’s painful, frustrating, and ultimately discouraging to know everyone around you sees your best effort as scraping by, as the bare minimum. Some intelligent kids cannot perform well in Competition exams. After all, at times, these students have more going on, whether it be a learning disability, developmental disorder, or mental health issue that is overlooked because they’re intelligent. Because the pressure to succeed becomes too much, and they burn out. Because it’s easier to give up than risk failure, so why try. Because they aren’t given the resources they need to succeed because the system failed them.

How to Overcome?

Competition is the key to success, but few times it captures the students more dreadfully. When we talk about higher secondary exams or NEET, competition is a key to all exams, but the aggression towards such exams should be stopped. In a country like India, competitive exams are the deciding factor of the future of a student. Nowadays, the candidate starts preparing well to crack the exams, but they lose track of themselves in the race to get hold of a good rank.

The Discipline Decline

It is said ‘Your level of discipline and perseverance determines your level of success”. Success doesn’t happen with the help of a magic wand, and you need to be disciplined well with your routine, which makes you under less pressure with revisions. Your dedicated timetable should be followed in a disciplinary way to avoid last moment pressures.

Peer Pressure

Yes, the most common and often seen factor for the competition is this. Indian parents graph the child on not his or her interests but on the interest of the society, to make their nose high in the community. Under this, a child faces a lot of mental stress and finally gets pressured for the exams. The key to good marks is enjoying the study, and if you are not enjoying your course and knowledge, you cannot think of getting good marks.

Distracting Elements

You are often distracted by focusing on others’ preparation and graph. It’s better to focus on yourself and grow in your performance than to judge yourself based on comparison and another preparation module. Remember, every student has a unique mindset, and all require their own ways to study, so you use your way.


Procrastination is a common challenge faced by not just MBBS students but almost every student, where delaying tasks until the last minute can hinder academic progress and increase stress levels. With demanding study schedules and rigorous coursework, it’s crucial for MBBS students to manage their time effectively and avoid putting off important tasks. Procrastination can lead to missed study sessions and incomplete assignments and ultimately impact their ability to succeed in their medical studies. Developing effective time management skills and staying organized can help MBBS students overcome procrastination and achieve their academic goals with confidence.

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