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8 Reasons Why Russia is Good for MBBS.

Is Russia Good for MBBS?: Many contentions are going on nowadays stating why studying MBBS from Russia is becoming an elite MBBS abroad destination among Indian students. It is a fact that studying abroad not only gives students a chance to interact with new systems and cultures but also helps them widen their horizons and lets them look and think beyond the theoretical approach. However, in India, many people still think that studying abroad is expensive, let alone studying MBBS abroad, which is considered one of India’s most costly education.

If quality education, world-class infrastructure, advanced technology and a chance to know the mindsets of different people from different cultures, all this and many more, when given at the best rates, won’t you want to grab that opportunity? We must make you understand what is best for you regarding education. So, we believe if you are sceptical and want to know why MBBS from Russia is becoming a top choice for Indian students to study MBBS abroad? We will enlist some crucial points that will help you understand everything better.  

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8 Reasons Why is Russia Good for MBBS

8 Reasons why is Russia Good for MBBS

Reason 1: Top Universities

The most important point is that Russia is home to various best and most prestigious universities globally. Universities like Perm State Medical Universities, Mari State University, Tver State Medical University and many more make MBBS in Russia a fine choice among various students on a global scale.

Reason 2: Advanced Education

The medical universities of Russia are top-notch in various departments, be it Government recognition, co-ed, excellent education and whatnot, making them the most immeasurable of the best. Diverse academic departments, divisions, interdisciplinary centres and award programme intensification make a great difference over and above traditional departmental boundaries.

Reason 3: Welcoming International Students

The premier universities of Russia are becoming an academic home to nearly about 2 lakh international students from all corners of the world, hence making Russian medical universities truly international.  

Reason 4: Collaborations with Prestigious Universities

Abroad University MBBS Application Form 2024
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Kursk State Medical University, Russia Apply
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Along with the above point, Russian universities for MBBS have close connections and tie-ups with various world’s leading educational centres. They honour themselves on the international focus and as a home for many global students. 

Reason 5: NMC Recognized

We have mentioned this point several times, yet we cannot stress enough how critical it is. Various Russian medical universities are recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Medical Commission (NMC) and according to the European Standards.

The reason why MBBS from Russia is gaining momentum is that the medical students gaining qualifications are the roots of academic advancement and employment opportunities on a global scale.

Reason 6: A Variety of Educational Programmes

Russian universities are renowned for their diverse educational programs. Besides MBBS, they offer degrees in engineering, business, aviation, and more. Their unique teaching methods help students grasp modern world frameworks effectively.

Reason 7: Highly Experienced Professors

Russian universities offer top-notch lab work, liberal arts courses, applied science programs, and pure science studies. Students gain direct access to numerous faculty members and professors from the prestigious Russian Academy of Science, as well as thousands of doctorate holders and post-doctorates.

Reason 8: Extra Curricular Activities

Lastly, international students studying in Russia are not confined to studies but also participate in various activities like concerts, comedy nights, dances and other sports activities. So, that proves that MBBS from Russia really speaks for a truly great experience for international students.

5 Full English Medium Medical University in Russia

Name of CollegePlaceDurationAvg Annual Fees
Kursk State Medical UniversityKursk6 YearsUSD: 5,580
INR: 4,63,140/-
Kazan State Medical UniversityKazan6 YearsUSD: 5,446
INR: 4,52,018/-
Volgograd State Medical UniversityVolgograd6 YearsRUB: 4,55,000/-
INR: 4,55,000/-
Voronezh State Medical UniversityVoronezh6 YearsUSD- $ 5,750
INR- Rs. 4,77,000/-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country is best for MBBS abroad?

Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and the Philippines are supposed to be the top 5 destinations to study MBBS abroad

Is MBBS abroad a good option?

Yes, MBBS abroad is a good option for Indian students. It provides a chance to learn from some of the best professors in the world and provides exposure to different people. Also, MBBS abroad gives you the flexibility to practice in India or any foreign country.

What are the fees for MBBS abroad?

It can cost you around 20-30 lakh minimum. However, in some countries, the amount can go up to 50 to 60 lakhs.

What is MBBS abroad?

MBBS abroad is getting a chance to study and complete your MBBS degree from a foreign university in a foreign country.

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