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Top 5 Tuition Free Universities In Europe: know Countries & University Details.

Top 5 Tuition Free Universities In Europe: When it comes to knowledge, price always plays a crucial role. That is what we have seen our whole childhood. Nothing comes for free. Of course, running an institution takes money, hiring world-class faculty, and providing necessary amenities and whatnot. To many people, knowledge is one of the costliest commodities. In a country like India, parents start saving up for their kids before they have to go to college. And dare I say that it is not just in India, but the story of every middle-class family globally. There are many reasons why degrees have become so costly. We live in an era where the interest on an education loan is way higher than a car loan.

But, we are not here to criticise how expensive studying can be; instead, we will talk about some great universities in Europe that will keep your education journey meaningful yet pocket-friendly. Through this article, readers will learn about top 5 tuition free universities in Europe. Let’s take a look.

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Top 5 Tuition Free Universities In Europe (Countries)

1. Germany

The first stop is Germany, one of the few countries leading the world in treating education as an investment rather than a consumer product. All of the public universities in Germany have been tuition-free, not for local and EU students but also for other international candidates. Some of the universities in Germany that provide tuition-free education are: 

Study-in-Germany Tuition-Free Universities in Germany
1.The Freie University of Berlin – No fees for bachelor’s courses
2.Humboldt University in Berlin – No tuition fees, only a semester fee of $350
3.Technical University of Munich – Semester fee of $155
4.Ludwig Maximilian University Munich – No tuition fees, only semester fees of $300 

2. Finland

The next stop we got Finland, which is not famous among international students, but choosing a Finnish school keeps your pocket from running dry. 

Study-in-Finland Tuition-Free Universities in Finland
1.The University of Helsinki
2.The University of Eastern Finland
3.University of Jyvaskyla
4.The University of Lapland
5.The University of Oulu

3. Norway

Now we are landing in Norway, whose state universities are essentially free, barring the payment of a small semester fee of the order of $100. However, if you are pursuing a specialised master’s degree, it might cost you a little more. And it is true of all students, be they local or international candidates.  

Study-in-Norway Tuition-Free Universities in Norway
1.The University of Oslo
2.The University of Bergen
3.Norwegian University of Science and Technology
4.The University of Tromso
5.Norwegian School of Economics

4. Belgium

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Let’s jump to Belgium, a highly multilingual nation. The teaching medium mainly follows French, with some courses offered in English as well. Though it might not be free, the tuition fee is still manageable compared to other countries. 

Study-in-Belgium Tuition-Free Universities in Belgium
1.Katholieke Universitiet Leuven 
2.Ghent University 
3.UC Louvain 
4.University of Antwerp
5.University of Liege 

5. Italy

Last stop we got Italy; not completely tuition-free yet; the fees of public universities are much lower than expected. Public universities can charge around $1000 per year. However, a lot can change depending on the applicant’s financial status. 

Study-in-Italy Tuition-Free Universities in Italy
1.University of Bologna
2.University of Milan 
3.Sapienza University of Rome 
4.Polytechnic University of Turin 
5.University of Turin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Tuition Free university in Europe is best for international students?

Top 5 Tuition Free Universities in Europe:
1. University of Milan 
2. The University of Oslo
3. The University of Helsinki
4. Humboldt University in Berlin
5. The University of Bergen

Is the university in Italy free?

Every student questions if Italy provides free education. Yes, Italy does provide free education to international students, to put it simply. Italian universities are a popular option for those who want to study abroad but don’t have much money.

Is university free in Germany?

The 16 states that make up Germany eliminated undergraduate tuition costs at all German public universities in 2014. This indicates that both domestic and foreign undergraduates presently have access to free education at public institutions in Germany, with only a nominal fee per semester to cover administrative and other costs.

Are there tuition free universities in Europe?

There are world-class tuition-free universities (for international students) in European countries such as Norway, Germany, and Finland.

Which European country gives student visa easily?

While many nations offer easy permanent residency programmes to foreign students who graduate from their colleges, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom are among the top European nations that facilitate student immigration.

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