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How To Choose Right University For Study Abroad? Check here the Top 10 Factors!

Confused about which destination and subject to choose for study abroad? Do not worry, as we have got you covered. Studying abroad is a life-changing decision, and you certainly cannot jump into the first country and university that pops into your mind. Before making any decision, you have to sit back and research. Knowing about the university, the country, the course, and all the pros and cons related to it is the most crucial decision. We understand that the teaching of studying abroad can be both exhilarating at the same time overwhelming. But worry not, as we are here to help you decide which university would be the right choice for you. 

Top 10 Factors You Should Consider for Choosing the Best University Abroad

Selecting the best university abroad is undoubtedly a challenging and confusing task. There are numerous elements to take into account, and the following list of 10 key factors will help you select the university and course of your dreams.

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1. Choose Your Course

That is your foundation to start with – identify your course of preference by listing down your interests and strengths. Research extensively on the modules, program and duration offered for your preferred subject. And while you’re at it, ensure to explore employment prospects and long-term benefits as well.

2. Career Scope

Understand the industries that are open for you to explore employment opportunities once you’ve completed your program. Take into account the countries that have maximum avenues for students undertaking your chosen course. Check how strong is the destination in your industry base and if any level of industrial training is available.

3. Education Structure and Destination

Different destinations have different educational structures, which may or may not sync with your thought process. Check for the teaching pedagogy followed in the classrooms. For instance, a lot of universities add weightage to practical training over theoretical concepts. Do you think such an approach would work for you? Would you be comfortable working on research papers and assignments every week?

4. Entry Requirements

Always look for the entry requirements for the programs available in your desired destination. What is the entry requirement? Does it offer a program at the level you wish to take entry? Is it a diploma program or a degree? Understand your preference and select accordingly. 

5. Attend Webinars

You can participate in webinars with highly qualified mentors and counsellors, and with their assistance, you can pick the ideal university for you within your budget range. Attending webinars will help you to keep updated on the most recent changes and improvements. Additionally, you can join our webinars with top experts on RM Group of Education.

6. Others’ Experience of Studying Abroad

If you are unsure about trying out study programmes and colleges, you should look at what other overseas students in a similar situation have gone through in the past. You might meet others who have had common cultural surprises, misunderstandings, and difficulties or who can provide you with very specific pointers and guidance to avoid mistakes and learn from their experiences.

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7. Evaluate the Cost

It is essential to consider the overall expense of studying at a particular destination. When calculating your costs, don’t forget to consider ancillary expenses such as accommodation, utilities, transportation, etc. Consider the duration of your course, as that’ll majorly affect your overall cost of studying abroad.

8. Employment Opportunities

Your chosen course should help you grow professionally and put you in a state where you can find employment. Consider a destination that offers multiple employment opportunities for your course.

9. Value of Your Degree Back in India

As an Indian student spending a lot of money, effort and time, it is natural to calculate the return on investment (ROI). Does the destination offer you the kind of return you’d want on your investment? Does it make you job-ready? If you are planning to immigrate to another country, reflect upon the opportunities and monetary benefits. Consider the value of your degree back home, especially if you intend to return.

10. Learning Environment

Learning is an individualised process. Each person has a different style of acquiring knowledge, and we all enjoy different learning environments. Students should research this as well. the methods used in instruction, the curriculum’s design, the program’s level of flexibility, the calibre of the instructors, and the extent of participation in social and community activities. These are all essential things that students must take into account


Your future relies on picking the appropriate university and course, after all. Making the right decision for yourself is important. Without the right guidance and mentorship, it would be challenging. There are many counsellors and advisors available, but pick the best and most knowledgeable one by selecting our admission and career counselling service (RM Group of Education).

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