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Top 8 Best European Country to Study MBBS for Indian Students without any Entrance Exam

Best European Country to Study MBBS for Indian Students: Studying MBBS is not an easy feat in India, especially when lakhs of students fill out the form for Indian medical and educational institutions and only a handful of students actually get selected. So, what about those who do not make it to the selection list? If you are among those students, you have two options. First, wait and prepare for another, yet the chances of acquiring a seat are not sure. Second, instead of waiting and stalling a year, make things happen for you and go for MBBS abroad. Studying in a foreign destination is gaining momentum, and tens of thousands of students want to study in a different land. So, if you are thinking about a foreign destination, how about MBBS in Europe?

About MBBS in Europe

There is a perception among many that Europe is an expensive destination, especially when studying medicine, which is expensive in India. But, what if we say that you can enjoy quality education in some of the best universities in the world, and the bonus point, those universities are already recognised by the National Medical Commission.

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When it comes to the educational system and professional expertise, MBBS in Europe consistently stands out. Whether it’s their lifestyle, culture, medical practices, or education, Europe strives to excel in all areas. Adapting to the dynamics of the modern world, Europe’s advancements set an example for many other nations, including in education. These factors, among others, make pursuing an MBBS in Europe one of the top choices for Indian students looking to study abroad.

Benefits of MBBS in Europe

Below are a few of the factors that make MBBS in Europe a major attraction among Indian students. 

1. Low Tuition Fees

The most pulling point of MBBS in Europe is its low price of education. 

2. Teaching in English

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In European medical universities, teaching is English, making it easier for Indian medical aspirants to clear the NMC screening test and start practising in India.

3. NMC Approved

Various European MBBS colleges are approved and recognised by the NMC and other elite bodies like the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNESCO, etc. 

4. Wide Variety of Courses

Apart from MBBS in Europe, European Universities also offer various other courses related to science, such as MD, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. 

5. No Entrance Exam

Various medical universities in Europe do not take any entrance exams. The only exam Indian students need to clear is NEET

6. Internship Opportunities

Medical universities in Europe offer various internship opportunities for students of MBBS. 

7. Advanced Technology

Due to the high level of advancement of the continent itself, the labs of European universities are equipped with modern technologies, providing a better learning experience to students.

8. International Exposure

Europe is one of the most sought-after destinations, not only by Indians but also by students belonging to other nations. Thus, studying in Europe gives Indian students a wide range of international exposure. A chance to meet, interact and learn things with students of different cultures and ethnicities, making the whole learning experience truly magnificent. 

Quick Highlights About MBBS in Europe

Intake For The Course (MBBS in Europe)September
Min. Percentage Required60% in PCB in class 12th for General.
Relaxation for SC/ST
Qualified NEET ScoreRequired
IELTS and TOEFLRequired
Tuition Fees for MBBS in Europe (Approx)Min– USD 4,000 per year
Max-USD 5,500 per year
Cost of living in Europe (Approx)170 USD/month
Duration6 Years (5 years+1 year internship)
The medium of Education For MBBS in EuropeEnglish

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS in Europe

AgeYou are at least 17 years old on or before 31st December of the admission year.
No Upper Age Limit.
QualificationClass 12th in Science, with PCB and English subjects from a board recognized by the authorities in India.
Minimum Qualifying  (%)50% in 10+2 (UR)
45% (SC/OBC/ST)
Qualifying EntranceNEET (For Indian Students)

Top 8 Best European Country to Study MBBS for Indian Students without Entrance Exam

Here, we aim to present the top 8 best European countries to study MBBS, along with the main reasons to choose these countries. Before discussing the reasons in detail, let’s take a quick look. Name Capital
8.Ukraine Kyiv

1. MBBS in Russia

When it comes to prominent medical colleges and countries offering abundant opportunities for MBBS studies abroad, Russia tops the list. There are several benefits for Indian students studying MBBS in Russia, attracting many aspiring medical professionals from India. It’s not surprising that the prospect of studying MBBS in Russia excites and draws thousands of Indian students, with the number steadily increasing over time. Russia is undoubtedly one of the best European countries for Indian students to study MBBS.

Why Choose MBBS in Russia

Reason 1. The most important point is that Russia is home to various best and most prestigious universities globally. Universities like Perm State Medical Universities, Mari State University, Tver State Medical University and many more are the universities that are making MBBS from Russia a fine choice among various students on a global scale.

Reason 2. The medical universities of Russia are top-notch in various departments, be it Government recognition, co-ed, excellent education and whatnot, making them the most immeasurable of the best. Diverse academic departments, divisions, interdisciplinary centres and award programme intensification make a great difference over and above traditional departmental boundaries.

Reason 3. The premier universities of Russia are becoming an academic home to nearly about 2 lakh international students coming from all corners of the world, hence making Russian medical universities truly international.

Some of the top NMC Approved Universities for MBBS in Russia are: NMC-Approved Universities in Romania
1.Kursk State Medical University Russia
2.Kazan State Medical University, Russia
3.North Western State Medical University Russia
4.Kazan Federal University, Russia
5.Kemerovo State Medical University
6.Chuvash State Medical University Russia

2. MBBS In Romania

MBBS in Romania is among the best destinations to study medicine because known associations accredit the universities here. Still, Romania is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places for exploring. and is one of the Best European Countries to Study MBBS for Indian Students

Why Choose MBBS in Romania

MBBS in Romania is among the best destinations to study medicine because known associations accredit the universities here. Still, Romania is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places for exploring.

Ahead in education and learning, pursuing MBBS in Romania is becoming a trend among Indian medical aspirants. If you want to complete your dream of being a doctor from Romania or feel sceptical and want to gain full knowledge of the topic, today is your lucky day.

Reason 1. We include MBBS in Romania because, unlike various Indian private medical colleges, students are not required to pay any capitation fees or donations to the university.

Reason 2. The medical tuition fees of Romania are meagre compared to various Indian medical colleges. It’s affordable and compared to the amenities provided by the college, the fees are very reasonable. 

Reason 3. But the low cost is not only limited to the tuition fees, as the living expenses in Romania are also meagre. It takes only $100 to $200 a month for medical students to live there. 

Reason 4. This is among the most crucial points: to be admitted to the medical college in Romania, no entrance test is required. 

Reason 5. During the course of MBBS in Romania, Romania medical colleges give the training to clear the MCI screening test for Indian students. 

Reason 6. The colleges of Romania provide a hostel, laundry, food and all other facilities.

Reason 7. Romania’s weather, environment and safety are all up to the mark to make the students stay memorable and comfortable.

Some of the Top NMC Approved Universities for MBBS in Romania are: NMC-Approved Universities in Romania
1.The Ovidius University of Constant
2.The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila
3.GR.T. POPA University of Medicine and Pharmacy
4.University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara
5.The University Of Oradea

3. MBBS In Germany

MBBS in Germany is undoubtedly one of the most preferred MBBS destinations for Indian students. Medicine is one of the fields that keep on expanding. In India, there are large numbers of students who wish to go for MBBS in Germany. It offers the best and most low-cost education options for aspiring international students. Germany is the Best European Country to Study MBBS for Indian Students

Why Choose MBBS In Germany

Reason 1. The medical university of Germany holds recognition from MCI, WHO and UNESCO.

Reason 2. Germany offers a top-class education and high-class training for students.

Reason 3. Studying MBBS IN Germany provides interactive medical sessions. 

Reason 4. After completing their education, Indian students can either complete their 1 year of internship training in Germany or India. 

Reason 5. Some hostels in Germany do provide Indian food, and there are various Indian restaurants in the country. 

Reason 6. No entrance exam is required to take admission in Germany.

Reason 7. The living expenses, along with hostel expenses, are meagre.

Reason 8. German medical education fees are also low compared to various Indian medical colleges.

Reason 9. After receiving the degree of MBBS in Germany, Indian students can opt for a career in the country.

Some of the Best Universities for MBBS in Germany approved by NMC are: NMC-Approved Universities in Germany
1.Humboldt-University Zu Berlin
2.Tech In the University Munchen
3.Freie University Berlin
4.RWTH Aachen University
5.Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munchen

4. MBBS In Poland

Studying MBBS in Poland is a great option for international students. The courses are in English and are high quality. Tuition fees are affordable, and the degrees are recognized worldwide. Graduates can work in many countries. Poland has modern facilities and experienced teachers, offering excellent training for future doctors.

Why Choose MBBS in Poland

Reason 1. There are so many amazing state-funded medical universities in Poland.

Reason 2. The student-to-teacher ratio in the medical colleges in Poland is well-balanced, which gives ample opportunity for students to clear their doubts and to teacher pay close attention to every student.

Reason 3. The labs of medical universities in Poland are well-equipped with modern technologies helping students understand things on an advanced level.

Reason 4. The tuition fees, the living expanse and the hostel facility everything in Poland is low compared to various Indian colleges.

Reason 5. There are dual degree programmes in Poland; these are implemented successfully in collaboration with other foreign medical universities.  

Reason 6. Being an educational hotspot, Poland is a place to learn and experience the diversity of the world. 

Some of the Best NMC-Approved Medical Universities in Poland are: NMC-Approved Universities in Poland
1.The Medical University of Lublin
2.Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University
3.Karol Marcinkowski Medical University
4.The Medical University of Silesia
5.Warsaw Medical Academy

5. MBBS In Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is a small country with approximately more than 16000 Indian & international students studying medicine (MBBS). The best medical universities with low fee structures are usually recognised by the NMC & WHO authorities. Pursuing an MBBS from Belarus is an attractive option for various Indian medical aspirants. No donation and entrance exams are required to secure a seat in Top Medical Colleges in Belarus.

Why Choose MBBS In Belarus

Reason 1. The degree of MBBS or MD provided by Belarus medical universities is recognised on a global scale.

Reason 2. The medical colleges of Belarus are recognised by the MCI, WHO, UNESCO, IMED, FAIMER and various other elite bodies.

Reason 3. The cost of medical education in Belarus is way less than in India, along with the living expenses. 

Reason 4. So many scholarships are awarded to merit students in the medical universities of Belarus. 

Reason 5. Belarus is considered one of the safest places with a minimum crime rate.

Some of the Best NMC-approved Universities for MBBS in Belarus are: NMC-Approved Universities in Belarus
1.Gomel State Medical University
2.Belarusian State Medical University
3.Grodno State Medical University

6. MBBS In Georgia

MBBS in Georgia: Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The first thing tourists say when visiting Georgia is that it is green, clean, safe, and has excellent roads compared to other countries. The country has two official languages- Georgian and Abkhazian- and it is considered the best European country to study MBBS for Indian students.

Why Choose MBBS in Georgia

Reason 1. The medical degree awarded by the medical universities of Georgia is recognized on a global scale.

Reason 2. The cost of MBBS in Georgia is very reasonable and affordable.

Reason 3. The tuition fees of medical colleges in Georgia are low, but there are so many opportunities to score full scholarships awarded to top students.

Reason 4. The medium of teaching in the educational institutions of Georgia is English. 

Reason 5. No entrance test is required for students to be admitted to the Georgia MBBS colleges.

Reason 6. Also, Indian students looking to take admission in Georgia do not need to crack IELTS and TOEFL.

Reason 7. After completing MBBS in Georgia, Indian students can practice anywhere in the world, along with India, obviously. 

Reason 8. All the campuses, labs, and hospitals in Georgia are fully equipped with modern and advanced technologies. 

Some of the Best NMC-approved MBBS Colleges in Georgia are: NMC-Approved Universities in Georgia
1.Grigol Robakidze University
2.East European University Georgia
3.Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Georgia
4.Georgian American University
5.Bau international university batumi Georgia

7. MBBS In Bulgaria

Let’s mix education with history and get a terrific MBBS destination. Yes, we are talking about the oldest country in Europe—Bulgaria. MBBS in Bulgaria is a dream for many Indian medical aspirants, and we are helping to make that dream a reality.

Why Choose MBBS In Bulgaria

Reason 1. Bulgaria is home to some of the most famous medical colleges in the world, and their syllabus is acclaimed worldwide.

Reason 2. The medical colleges in Bulgaria are recognised by the NMC, WHO, UNESCO, IMED and FAIMER.

Reason 3. The medical tuition fees of Bulgaria’s Universities are meagre compared to many Indian medical universities.

Reason 4. No entrance test is required to take admission to Bulgaria MBBS Colleges.

Reason 5. The staff members, professors and other departmental bodies are not educated and highly qualified but are also very friendly and welcoming.

Reason 6. The hostel and living accommodations are available inside the university campus and outside in the cities.

Reason 7. Inside the campus, the language of education is English.

Reason 8. Several people in Bulgaria speak English, making it easier to interact outside the campus.

Some of the top NMC-approved Medical Universities in Bulgaria are: NMC-Approved Universities in Bulgaria
1.Plovdiv Medical University
2.Sofia Medical University
3.Medical University of Varna
4.The Medical University of Pleven 

8. MBBS In Ukraine

 MBBS in Ukraine is becoming an elite destination to study MBBS abroad. As we have already mentioned before, MBBS in Ukraine is among the best options for studying MBBS abroad. Ukraine has always been a destination that gives a tremendous amount of thinking to education and has always tried to advance itself.

Why Choose MBBS in Ukraine

Reason 1. If examined on the reviews, then MBBS in Ukraine ranked on top with high positive reviews.

Reason 2. The research-based medical universities of Ukraine provide a lot of career opportunities to students studying MBBS there.

Reason 3. Indian students can publish their work in some of the finest and most well-known journals internationally.

Reason 4. The government universities of Ukraine also provide educational loans to students, if needed.

Reason 5. The low cost of MBBS in Ukraine is one of the star factors that attracts thousands of students every year.

Reason 6. Universities of Ukraine recognise some of the best and most elite organisations in the world, like WHO, NMC, UNESCO and FAIMER.

Some of the top NMC-approved Universities for MBBS in Ukraine are: NMC-Approved Universities in Ukraine
1.Sumy State University
2.Taras Shevchenko National University
3.Vinnytsia National Medical University
4.The Black Sea National Medical University
5.Kharkiv National Medical University
6.Bogomolets National Medical University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which country is best for MBBS for Indian students?

Below, we have mentioned the top countries for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad at low cost Russia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Nepal, and Kazakhstan.

Is MBBS in Europe good for Indian students?

MBBS courses in Europe are offered by numerous reputable institutions at affordable costs, under the guidance of excellent educators. Many of these universities actively welcome international students, making MBBS in Europe a great option for Indian students.

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