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MBBS Abroad 2024-25: Admission, Eligibility, Low Fees, Top NMC Approved Colleges etc.

MBBS Abroad: The field of medicine has always been considered the noblest of all and easier than before. MBBS abroad is your best shot in 2024-25. MBBS abroad is probably one of the biggest dreams any medical aspirant has. The trend of studying MBBS in foreign countries is gaining momentum every year. Nearly every top international college and educational university. Undoubtedly, MBBS is one of the most highly respected degrees to pursue from abroad.

But how exactly does MBBS abroad for Indian students work? What is the process? What basic knowledge would you need? How can you get MBBS admission abroad? Too many questions and very few places to find the correct answers. Well, not anymore, as this article is the only thing you will need to fuel up your knowledge about MBBS abroad.

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Why Study MBBS Abroad?

There are several benefits associated with completing your MBBS courses from overseas. We will list some of those perks, which will be enough to help you make your decision. Let’s look at the top reason why you study MBBS Abroad?

Reasons to study MBBS abroad

1. International Recognition

MBBS graduates have the chance to interact with individuals from diverse communities. When they set foot back in India, they are also hailed globally.

2. Practical Learning

Giving students the opportunity for hands-on learning is highly valued by medical universities worldwide. The students get the chance to learn from skilled medical professionals and participate in a training programme affiliated hospitals provide.

3. Tuition Fees

Abroad University MBBS Application Form 2024
Manipal Pokhara College of Medical Science, Pokhara, Nepal Apply
Kursk State Medical University, Russia Apply
Grigol Robakidze University, Georgia Apply

Comparable to medical colleges in India, some medical institutions abroad charge lower, if not similar, tuition. The infrastructure of medical colleges in India is far better than that of foreign medical universities. It has the required equipment, a lab, and spaces for research and experimentation.

4. NMC Approved

The National Medical Commission has approved diplomas from foreign medical schools. Physicians can receive a medical license and work in India after completing the Foreign Medical Graduate. Some medical colleges have been approved by NMC for students to study MBBS Abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

We know that each nation has its own eligibility requirements and regulations governing the admission of international students. Still, we shall discuss the general eligibility requirements for Indian students wanting to study medicine at the top colleges in other countries.

Entrance Exam for MBBS Study AbroadStudents from other countries who want to study MBBS Abroad must also sit for the NEET exam. To pursue an MBBS in a foreign medical university, Indian candidates must take the NEET test starting in 2019.
QualificationMust qualify for the NEET-UG entrance test conducted by NTA.
Minimum percentageMust receive at least a 50% PCB and English score on the 12th board
Age limitThe candidate should be between the ages of 17 and 25.

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Admission Process for Studying MBBS Abroad

The following step, the application process to study MBBS Abroad, can be taken once the applicant has met the eligibility conditions.

Step 1

Choose the MBBS school you want to attend abroad and review its admission requirements.

Step 2

To be eligible to study in a particular country, a lot of times, candidates must take an eligibility test there. To apply, candidates might also need to take an English proficiency test. To proceed to the next level, applicants must pass their tests.

Step 3

Complete the university’s online application form accurately, without making any mistakes, and without misleading about anything.

Step 4

To further boost your profile, applicants would be requested to provide scanned copies of several essential academic documents.

Step 5

Pay the application fee.

Step 6

Candidates will receive an admission letter from the university after submitting their online application successfully, along with their fees.

Step 7

After that, applicants must send their passports, original documents, and letters of admission to the relevant embassy to apply for a student visa.

Step 8

Depending on how quickly the embassy processes the student visa. The candidate would then need to plan his journey to get to his university in time to start his studies.

Documents Required

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Class 10 and 12 mark sheets
  3. School Leaving & School Migration Certificate
  4. NEET Score Card
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. Resume (CV)
  8. Personal Financial Statements
  9. Passport Size Photographs
  10. Medical Certificate

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Best Country for MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

The cost of an MBBS in India is higher than in many other nations. One of the key motives for Indian students travelling abroad to pursue their goals is this. If a student follows MBBS abroad, the cost is only 60 lakh, compared to around 75 lakhs in India. Due to increasing tuition costs in India, students either decide to attend a government university there or move abroad. Therefore, if becoming a doctor is your goal, you need either work hard to pass the NEET or search for universities that offer affordable MBBS programmes for Indian students abroad.

Top Countries for MBBS AbroadTop Countries for MBBS Abroad
UkraineSri Lanka

Top 10 Facts to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Studying MBBS abroad offers Indian students a rewarding path into medicine. Here are some 10 key facts to study MBBS abroad for Indian students:

  1. Everyone respects your degree worldwide.
  2. You get a super good education with cool facilities and teachers.
  3. You learn about different cultures and medical stuff.
  4. You use fancy equipment for learning.
  5. It’s easy because they teach in English.
  6. You work in real hospitals, which is super cool.
  7. It’s often cheaper than studying in India.
  8. You can find jobs all over the world.
  9. You make friends from everywhere.
  10. You become more independent and cool as a person.

Fees Structure

The cost of the study is one of the critical considerations when deciding to study MBBS overseas. The cost of the MBBS programme varies per nation. Studying MBBS abroad in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand may be more expensive because the cost can exceed INR 1 crore. The costs can be manageable, though, if a student plans to study MBBS from a country like Russia, China, the Philippines, Ukraine, or Kyrgyzstan.

Country Wise List of Best Medical Universities Abroad for Indian Students

CountryCollegeFirst-Year Annual Fees
RussiaKursk State Medical University$5500
RussiaBashkir State Medical University Russia282 816 (RUB)
KyrgyzstanInternational School of Medicine, Bishkek3,500 USD
BangladeshUniversity of Dhaka$2857
NepalManipal Medical CollegeUSD 25,000
MalaysiaManipal University College Malaysia$1,45,000 (Full Course)
GeorgiaBatumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Grigol robakidze university$4000
KazakhstanAl-Farabi Kazakh National University$4200

MBBS Abroad Jobs and Career Prospects

Many job options are available for medical aspirants abroad in industries and job roles. After completing MBBS from abroad, the average salary of MBBS professionals with a foreign degree varies from country to country. The good thing is, compared to India, the salary of a medical professional in a foreign country is way higher due to top recruiters and excellent infrastructure.

  • Practice medicine in India or several other countries
  • Complete their post-graduation
  • Can practice in hospitals or have their own clinics and hospitals
  • Work as medical officers in government projects
  • Work as a professor in medical universities

Top MBBS Colleges Abroad

Every student’s dream is to get into the best college, so here are some of the Best colleges for MBBS abroad for Indian Students with their fee structures: NameFees in INR
1Kursk State Medical University18,20,000
2LN Medical College Kyrgyzstan22,54,000
3Manipal University College Malaysia19,95,000
4College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur23,10,000
5Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University18,75,000

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Comparison Chart Between MBBS in India and MBBS Abroad

Completing an MBBS degree is a prestigious thing in itself and is something that not all can achieve. As a student decides to study medicine, one of the greatest dilemmas is whether to opt for a college in his own nation or go abroad to attain the degree if his financial position allows it. As some students cannot afford the high fees that private colleges and medical colleges abroad charge, students, opt for government medical colleges. Over the last few years, the medical education scenario in India has undergone a radical transformation. Let us compare MBBS at a College in India vs MBBS Abroad and see what each has to offer :

ParticularsMBBS AbroadMBBS India
Education StandardsIf compared with Western countries far more advanced and developed than India, you can get a superior education abroad. When it comes to pursuing an MBBS from a university abroad, you cannot go wrong when it comes to top-notch faculty, extensive practical training, advanced equipment and amenities; Financial Factor An MBBS Degree is a costly course.So, think about your prospects, budget, and whether you wish to settle in your own country or abroad before deciding whether to pursue an MBBS in a private college in India or abroad.
Global Exposure and ExperienceThe global experience and exposure that countries abroad offer to Indian students make all the difference. Such an experience will come to you automatically when you stay in a foreign land, meet new people and overcome new and difficult situations every day of your life.Staying in your native land will not get the exposure and experience you must gain during your college years.
Residence abroadMost students, who pursue an MBBS degree abroad, take up jobs in the developed country itself, settle there and do not return to their native land. Students consider this a great opportunity as they reside in developed countries that are better than their own, allowing them to earn more and lead a better life there.So, think about your prospects, budget, and whether you wish to settle in your own country or abroad before deciding whether to pursue MBBS in a private college in India or abroad.
Seat AvailabilityWhen it comes to pursuing an MBBS abroad, there are numerous countries to choose from and thousands of universities at a student’s disposal, making it easy for him to choose the one that suits his own budget and requirements best.With very few seats and high competition, it becomes quite difficult for students to secure a place in a Government or private college. Even though there are several colleges in our nation, the ever-growing population manages to outdo the availability of seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which country is the best for MBBS abroad?

The USA and Russia are the best countries. But many European and Australian universities also make for a great place to study MBBS abroad. 

Is MBBS abroad for Indian students a good choice?

The answer depends upon the candidate. However, choosing to study MBBS abroad can be a beneficial thing for a candidate‘s career. 

Who can go for MBBS abroad?

Anyone who passes the eligibility criteria.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in a foreign country?

It can cost anywhere from 15-60 LPA. 

Which country has the highest NMC passing rate?


Which is the best consultancy for MBBS abroad?

The RM Group of Education is the best MBBS consultancy for abroad in India. They have a team of the best MBBS abroad consultants working with them. 

Does age matter to studying MBBS in a foreign country?

The upper age for appearing in the NEET exam for the general category is 2

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